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New development snapshot

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New development snapshot was released today at

One of the interesting new things is the originally designed WiKissMe Theme of which a screenshot is available here. It is light weight, uses mostly DIV’s & almost nowhere tables, and most importantly it does not have images in the design except for the logo (top-left) and the label (top-right). There are some issues with that theme, especially with IE6, but that;s work improgress and will be improved. So far it works well for FireFox and Opera.

Another change in the themes side is that the original LionWiki theme derivative was moved to the “origlion” theme/folder and it’s been re-done using DIV’s instead of tables.

There’s is of course a lot more in the the recent source code, but it will be announced in the CVS release, hopefully soon. Keep in mind that Development Snapshots are just a copy of the source code from a developer’s machine with removed some private info, the changes made in the code are not committed in the CVS repository and the CHANGES file is not updated.

Files are available at


Hello world!

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